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Our Chemical-Free, Premium Quality, 100% natural Charcoal cubes provide a clean and safe Shisha experience.

Product 1

Charcoal Cubes

Discover the perfection of cooking with SV Global’s Charcoal Cubes. These premium cubes are crafted to deliver consistent heat for your grilling and cooking needs. They ignite quickly and burn cleanly, leaving behind minimal ash, making cleanup a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a backyard BBQ enthusiast, our Charcoal Cubes promise to elevate your culinary creations to the next level.

Product 2

Hexagonal Charcoal

Experience the innovation of SV Global’s Hexagonal Charcoal. Our uniquely shaped charcoal pieces are designed for maximum burning efficiency and longevity. The hexagonal design ensures even distribution of heat, allowing for a more controlled and extended cooking process. With SV Global’s Hexagonal Charcoal, you’ll achieve superior results in your grilling and smoking endeavors.

Product 3

Wood Charcoal

SV Global’s Wood Charcoal is a timeless choice for those who appreciate the classic way of grilling. Made from carefully selected wood, our wood charcoal imparts a delightful smoky flavor to your dishes. It’s versatile, suitable for various cooking methods, and delivers that authentic, traditional grilling experience that many food enthusiasts cherish.

Product 4

BBQ Charcoal

Indulge in the rich, smoky aroma and flavor of SV Global’s BBQ Charcoal. Designed specifically for barbecue enthusiasts, our BBQ charcoal ensures your meats and vegetables are infused with that unmistakable grilled essence. It ignites easily and burns consistently, allowing you to achieve perfect sears and flavors every time you fire up the grill. SV Global’s BBQ Charcoal is your ticket to memorable outdoor dining experiences.

How our charcoal is unique compared

to other brands:

Indonesia is one of the greatest countries in the world for generating coconut charcoal briquettes due to its climate. Compared to other nations, Indonesia produces coconut charcoal of superior quality.

  • Through intensive testing, SVG has discovered that a 26mm cube provides the most optimal and longest lasting burn time for our clients.
  • Manufactured exclusively from 100% coconut shells.
  • SVG's Charcoal Cubes are ideal for both shisha and hookah because they contain no chemicals or other additives, ensuring no taste or odour.
  • During a smoking session powered by our briquette, the ash will have pure white color and not stick to the briquette or the platform, which leads to ease of cleaning and maintanance.
  • Our cubes contain the lowest ash and moisture content, leading to a higher quality product.

we stand out from the rest

Why Choose Us ?

Our average burn time of 2.25-2.75 hours means you will need to replace our Premium Charcoal less often making a direct savings of time and money.
Quality Assurance

We source our charcoal products from trusted suppliers, ensuring that you receive only the finest quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. We are committed to delivering products that exceed your expectations.


Our average burn time of 2.25-2.75 hours means you will need to replace our Premium Charcoal less often making a direct savings of time and money.

Product Range

From charcoal cubes to BBQ charcoal, we offer a diverse range of charcoal products to cater to various needs.

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